Fraser woman says she was set ablaze by fiance: 'He just lit me up'

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A Fraser woman survives a horrific attack at the hands of her own fiancé.

Police say he poured lighter fluid on her body then set her on fire. Now he's behind bars.

Annie says her pain is unbearable, suffering from second and third degree burns all over her chest and scratches on her face.

"I can still smell my flesh burning," she said.

She says her fiancé Brandon Lovett, is to blame.

"It was about 3 a.m. he was drunk, and he just kept asking me over and over why are you lying to me," Annie said. "I wasn't even lying about anything. He grabbed the Zippo fluid and just doused me in it and just lit me up.

"He just stood there and watched."

Annie says she put the flames out by rolling on the bed.

"The police took the blankets, they are burned, and my clothes were melted to me," she said.

Annie says this is not the first time Lovett has abused her.

"He's been abusive here lately in the last few months," she said. "The last two weeks I've been walking around with a black eye."

Police are investigating this most recent incident. It happened during the early morning hours of Saturday at a Fraser motel where they call home.

Annie says Lovett would not allow her to call for help.

"He kept me in here for two hours, I was begging for him to take me to the hospital," Annie said. "He said 'I can't do that.' And he finally passed out and I was able to call an ambulance."

As Annie was transported to the hospital she told police what happened. But when investigators went back to the motel to speak to Lovett they got a different story.

"He's denying any of this at this point," said Lt. Mike Pettyes, Fraser police. "He was arrested at the scene."

Lovett was taken into custody. Police say he was arraigned Monday and faces several charges including attempted murder and unlawful imprisonment.

Police say Lovett has a prior criminal record for domestic violence. His next court date is scheduled for next week

As the victim tries to cope and move on with her life she has words of advice for victim of domestic violence:

"I just want to let women and men know if you are in an abusive relationship and it’s to that point, you need to be careful," she said. "If they are going to put their hands on you, look what it can lead to. I am lucky I made it out with my life."