Friday fundraiser benefits Officer Joe Gliniewicz

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Hundreds of people turned out Friday night for a giant fundraiser to benefit the family of Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz.

Friends, associates and complete strangers gathered at KC’s Cabin in Spring Grove, united in spirit.

“We wanted to come out and support the community and just be there and let everybody know that we're here to support everybody, we are one big family at this point in time,” said Tracy McCaffrey, who said she didn’t know Gliniewicz, but still wanted to be there.

The benefit included a live auction and silent auction, as well as raffles.

“Honestly we are looking to bring the community together, and raise a whole ton of money for a family that really deserves it,” said Jamie Deehr, the General Manager of KC’s Cabin.

As a task force continues to investigate how Gliniewicz was killed, FOX 32 News has learned the fatal shot to the torso that killed him was fired from above his bullet proof vest in a downward direction. A second shot glanced off his vest, and that shell casing found a considerable distance from his body. Police recovered Gliniewicz’s weapon at the scene, but would not say if it was the gun that killed him.

Ballistic testing is still being done, as is DNA testing on some evidence recovered from the scene.

Gliniewicz was found shot to death in a swampy area on September 1st, after calling in a report of three suspicious men. Investigators used videos from the community to identify three men seen in the area around the time of the shooting, but they have been interviewed and cleared.

On Friday, Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit tried to quell rumors that Gliniewicz was connected to an investigation of the police department's handling of an arrest.

“Lieutenant Gliniewicz was not on duty, he was not the supervisor, it has absolutely nothing to do with him at all,’ Schmit said.

The mayor also said he was more than frustrated by speculation around town and questions raised by the media about the possibility that Gliniewicz could have committed suicide.

“It angers me, there's no indication at all that it was a suicide,” Schmit said, adding, “To besmirch this good man's reputation on pure speculation just angers me, it's not fair to him, it's not fair to our town, it's not fair to the police department.”

The mayor hopes investigators quickly solve Glinewicz's mysterious death.

“Some of the shock has worn off, now it's just we miss our friend, but we’re resilient people, and we'll go on,” the mayor said.