Dolton trustees appoint mayor pro tempore amid Tiffany Henyard investigation

Dolton trustees appointed a mayor pro tempore Monday night to serve in place of Mayor Tiffany Henyard if she refuses to execute her duties.

Trustee Jason House was voted in as mayor pro tem and could sign off on village business and pay bills in Henyard's absence. Henyard was not present at Monday's special board meeting.

"This is not a replacement. This ordinance is strictly in the refusal or inability for the mayor to do her duties, an appointed senior trustee to step in and make sure the necessary documents are signed and business moves forward," House said during Monday night's trustee meeting.

Dolton residents have called for Henyard's resignation, including booing her at the last Village Board meeting she attended.

All of this comes as five subpoenas were served to the village asking for payments, expense reimbursements and credit card expenditures involving Henyard and her top assistant, Keith Freeman. 

Subpoenas have also been served in Thornton Township, where Henyard is the supervisor.

Those subpoenas revealed the burgeoning scope of the federal criminal investigation into Henyard. One subpoena focused entirely on Henyard, including two businesses she owns: a restaurant and a property management company, as well as Henyard's political fund and the charity bearing her name.

The subpoenas also asked for all records including personnel files, wage and tax statements, time and attendance, records of work performed, contracts and checks written to "cash."