Garland ISD says girls who shared, used inhaler can return to class

Two girls suspended for sharing and using an inhaler during an asthma attack at a Garland ISD school should be back in their regular classrooms on Tuesday.

Alexis Kyle and Indiyah Rush were suspended and faced up to 30 days in an alternative school because the school said the two possessed and used a controlled substance.

Kyle said she was excited to go back to Schrade Middle School after riding out a three day suspension for using Rush's inhaler during her asthma attack. Both girls were suspended this week for three days, a period the district said will count as excused absences.

Kyle’s parents at a Thursday hearing filed an appeal over their daughter being sent to alternative school for thirty days. The district on Friday decided to drop that punishment for her.

“It makes me really happy,” Kyle said. “It’s really exciting to go back to school and not have to do a punishment, even though I shouldn't have took her inhaler -- but I didn't know.”

But Garland ISD officials said both students’ permanent file will reference the suspension and its connection to a controlled substance – the asthma drugs in the inhaler.

“If you’re going to let her back in school and not send her to alternative school take it off her record. It shouldn't be there anyway, she did no wrong,” said Kyle’s stepfather Michael Green.

Kyle worries what’s in her permanent file could keep her out of the college of her dreams – Baylor.

“If they look at it and they see what it says it could affect me going to college. It could affect how they look at me,” Alexis said.

Rush's mother has not yet filed an appeal, though she went to a hearing Friday and viewed video of the incident. The district said until and unless Indiyah's mom files that appeal her daughter won't be able to attend classes at Scharade.

Despite everything that has happened, Indiyah Rush said she would help someone else in need.

“I probably would do the same thing, because I wouldn't just stand there and let someone die,” Rush said.