Glendale woman confronts porch pirate, yells at him to put down package

 A porch pirate was caught in the act... trying to steal a package from a Glendale home.

Shannon Brandon says she and her son were enjoying breakfast when they noticed a silver SUV pull up in front of their house.

She thought they were visiting a neighbor but when she saw two men in hoodies jump out and head in two different directions she knew something was wrong. 

As one of the men approached a house her son started recording video of him taking a package off the front porch. That’s when Brandon jumped into action and confronted the porch pirate. In the video you can hear her yelling “stop, go put that back right back. We got your license plate, put it back now.”

Caught red-handed with the package in his hand the man listened to Brandon and returned it back to the house. The two men then walked away. 

Neither of the porch pirates have been identified or arrested.