Governors State University warns students of aggressive geese

If you have ever been on the other end of a goose attack, it can be frightening. They hiss, charge and will even chase you.

For students and faculty at Governors State University, during this current breeding season, the threat of an all-out goose attack is an ever present danger.

There have been so many reported goose attacks in the past two weeks, the university has set up warning signs and emailed tips for avoiding a terrifying goose ambush.

The birds are nesting next to sidewalks and pathways, making them unavoidable to students walking to class. It’s so bad, the university put up signs. "Caution, Aggressive Geese"!

Fortunately, Biology professor John Yunger told FOX 32 how to stay safe.

"So, what do you do if you come face to face with this beast? Do not look it in the eye. That’s bad!” Yunger said. "Many animals will get aggressive if you do that, including geese."

"And something else you don't want to do is to turn and run. Do not run away from the beast,” he added. "Many animals, geese, bear, a wide range take that as a sign of fear."

And if you're thinking about fighting back, don't do it.

"More than likely you will end up in a little fight, and you're both going to get hurt,” he said. "Look how mean and vicious that is. Here you are face to face with your worst nightmare. How do you stay safe? You keep your distance, and instead of running away, you just back up, nice and easy."

But be warned, if you do wish to tango with a goose, it's a federally protected animal and it bites.

"If you do pin one in the corner, they bite to the point your life is not in danger, but it's not going to feel good,” he said.

The university will move a nest only as a last resort, and they do have the proper permit to relocate the birds.