Great Lakes designated as first-ever 'freshwater hope spot'

A source of hope for the world is just a few steps away. 

Lake Michigan and all the Great Lakes are being recognized for their role in the future of the world's water. 


The Shedd Aquarium was instrumental in efforts to get the Great Lakes designated as the first-ever "freshwater hope spot."

A ‘freshwater hope spot’ means that those bodies of water are important to protect because they are critical to the health of oceans. 

"Ultimately, by having people that are already champions to protect the ocean become aware of how important the Great Lakes are, that really mobilizes more people to take action for the Great Lakes, for our fresh waters and the awesome animals that call them home," said Dr. Karen Murchie, Shedd Director of Freshwater Research.

Dr. Murchie says our own health is connected to the health of the Great Lakes.