Gun buyback program launched by Saint Sabina Church

Father Michael Pfleger and Saint Sabina Church on the South Side are joining the effort to get illegal guns off the streets of Chicago.

The gun buy-back program is set to kick off next week. Those 25 and younger can turn in guns, no questions asked, and get cash back.


"We are focusing on the 25 and younger, and we want them to come in, to bring their guns. We also want them to talk to our mentors, talk to our Strong Futures Program and see how we can help them. Do they need mentoring, do they need employment, do they need counseling," Pfleger said. "We want to ask them, how do we turn your life around? How do we help you reach your future, goals and dreams you have and turn away from the craziness on the street that some just feel trapped in. We want to let them know they've got other options." 

Saint Sabina's Strong Futures Program connects justice-involved, disconnected youth and young adults to full-time employment.

"Our strong future's program works specifically with young people who have records, who are on parole. Some of the young brothers just feel hopeless, like there are no other options for them," Pfleger said. We want them to know there is another option."

The event starts Monday and runs through next Friday. 

Anyone 25 and under can get $200 for handguns or assault rifles and $100 for rifles. 

People who turn in high-capacity magazines or clips can get $20. The money was reportedly donated by a businessman fed up with the gun violence.

You can drop off your guns at the faith community of Saint Sabina Church between 8 a.m. and 4 pm.