Harry Houdini auction happening this weekend in Chicago

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He started with card tricks, but he'll always be known as maybe the world's greatest escape artists.

Harry Houdini died back in 1926, but FOX 32’s Kristen Nicole shows us how you can keep his legend alive, in your own home.

He’s been gone for decades, but still people young and old are fascinated by Houdini's magic acts and escape stunts. And if you're a fan of his, there's an auction you may want to check out this weekend.

“We've got keys from Houdini's collection and lock picks from his collection,” said President of Potter and Potter Gabe Fajuri.

The inside of Potter and Potter Auction's on North Ravenswood is a Harry Houdini treasure trove. It’s like taking a trip back to the turn of the century when the young immigrant exploded onto the scene in Vaudeville.

Two years ago, a Houdini auction drew so much attention from around the world that they decided to do it again. They reached out to more consignors and put together the collection that's up for grabs this weekend.

“Some things came from London, LA, Connecticut, they came from barns and basements and in people's display cases, all over the place,” Fajuri said.
What you could walk away with depends on your budget. An autographed copy of a book might cost you $2,000.

There’s also a film reel with never released content. And maybe most interesting? A manuscript co-written by Houdini and HP Lovecraft, which was missing for some 70 years.

“It may be one of the top grossing items at the auction, the low estimate of $25k,” Fajuri said.

On Saturday, the gallery will be abuzz with bidders still talking about the man of mystery all these decades later.

“He was the most famous magician of his age and he might even be more famous today then he was back then,” Fajuri said.

And if the auction doesn't give you your fill of Houdini this weekend, just wait until next month when Houdini and Doyle, the TV series, premieres on FOX. Harry and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle team up with investigators to look into unsolved and inexplicable crimes.

You can check out the show right here on FOX 32, beginning May 2nd.