High school not handing out yearbooks over concerns of hate symbol in some photos

A potentially racist hand gesture inside a high school yearbook is forcing school administrators to delay the distribution of the books, and it is happening at a high school with a history of racial incidents.

The hand gesture is known as the "Circle Game" where if you get another person to look at the gesture, you punch them in the arm. But the sign has most recently been associated with white nationalism, and the gesture showed up in several pictures in the high school’s yearbook.

It has been a tumultuous school year blemished with racial incidents, including a symbol of hate being sent to some students cell phones.

“No reason to be offensive. Just respect how other people feel,” said sophomore Kareem Guyton.

Now, school administrators spotted several pictures inside the yearbooks with students making a hand gesture, which has different meanings.

The superintendent sent a statement to families saying, “regardless of intent, the potential negative impact of this gesture has led us to decide that we cannot distribute the yearbook as is.”

A spokesperson says more than 1,700 yearbooks were already printed at a cost of $80,000. Students paid $45 per book.

Just last week, a Cubs fan was banned from Wrigley Field after he was seen flashing the hand signal during a TV broadcast.

A school spokesperson says they are working on a plan to replace the images, and they appreciate everyone's patience and support.