Hillary Clinton decries gun violence, Donald Trump during Chicago stop

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Chicago Monday, returning to her birthplace to talk about gun violence and Donald Trump at the Rainbow Push Coalition Luncheon.

"I don't know about you but I think saving our children and other people from gun violence is a civil rights issue right now," Clinton said.

Clinton opened her keynote address with a reminder. While the country continues to mourn the victims of the recent Orlando mass shooting, in Chicago, gun violence can no longer be ignored

"Our country also must mourn and remember the 64 people shot across this city right here in Chicago over the memorial day weekend," Clinton said.

Clinton told the group of women in attendance that she will fight to make common-sense gun control legislation a reality, a promise some believe she can't keep even if elected as president without help.

"It's going to take a collective effort, not only just her but our representatives in Congress are representatives in the Senate to make this approach a little bit better," Shavondia Bell, a Clinton supporter, said.

When she wasn't talking about gun violence, Clinton was campaigning against Donald Trump taking several shots at her Republican opponent

"We're up against a man with dangerous, incoherent ideas for our future....He plays coy with white supremacists, he mocks people with disabilities. He said he wants to ban an entire religion, he wants to get rid of gun-free zones around schools," Clinton said.

But it was her repeated mentions of the gun violence plaguing the city of Chicago that seemed to resonate the most with those in attendance.

"She's really in tune to what's going on here in our city and to the struggles we are having," community activist Linda Hudson said.