Hit-and-run driver seen pulling body from windshield, driving away in doorbell video

A hit-and-run driver killed a 28-year-old man in Prince George's County – and the suspect was caught on doorbell camera. 

Police say 28-year-old Franklin Mendez was found dead in the street at Ardwick Ardmore Road on Saturday. 

When neighbors checked their doorbell cameras, they found video of the suspect getting out of his car and pulling Mendez' body off of his windshield, and getting back in his car and driving away. 

Police say the victim was involved in an unrelated collision two miles away and then after he exited his car was apparently struck by the suspect and became lodged in the windshield. The driver then drove two miles with Mendez on his windshield before pulling Mendez' body off and leaving him dead on Ardwick Ardmore Road, police say. 

Police are asking the public for help identifying the suspect, who they say was driving an older model gray Honda Civic.