'Honey' the dog stolen, returns to family 3 years later

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LYONS (Sun-Times Media Wire) - "Honey" the dog has been returned to her west suburban family three years after she was nabbed from the backyard.

A good Samaritan brought a dog she found near Midway Airport to the Wright-Way Rescue on Wednesday night, according to a statement from the Morton Grove animal shelter.

Shelter staff scanned the Pekingese for a microchip and, after calling the microchip company, learned had been missing for three years.

“When I called and told her we had found her dog, she immediately said she was on her way,” Chris Norris, the shelter’s volunteer program manager, said in the statement.

Honey’s owner said the dog had been stolen from her backyard three years ago.

When her owners arrived, “Honey jumped right into the car and finally headed home,” the shelter’s humane center supervisor, Jason Abbas, said, adding the dog seemed to recognize her owners.

A microchip about the size of a grain of rice is implanted into the neck of dogs and cats. By registering the chip, it makes the owner’s contact information and the pet’s identification available in the event of an emergency.