How to protect yourself in an office lottery pool

Playing in an office lotto pool can be fun and exciting. It breaks up the monotony of cat videos and Facebook. But after a big win, those feelings of fun and comraderie can quickly turn into an angry lawsuit. So what should you do to protect yourself?

"First off, pick a designated leader, a manager of all the tickets," says attorney Leo Terrell. "Please please please put it in writing. All the people all the money collected, how you're splitting the money."

Terrell also says make copies of the tickets and distribute to everyone in the pool. Give the origionals to the designated manager. Plus, in addition to putting your pool on paper, make it public.

"Tell all the employees, hey here is a list of all the people in the pool," Terrell says.

But before buying ANY tickets for an office pool, find out your company's policy when it comes to gambling.

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