'Hysteria 51': Suburbanites explore the unknown in popular podcast

A suburban podcast has been successfully diving into the unknown for nearly a decade, and if the truth is out there, they will not help you find it. Topics range from UFO’s to the paranormal, the unexplained and Bigfoot.  

"I think everybody wants to know something about the unknown. There's that continuous search for what’s really going on, what are people not telling me, what information is out there, that I cannot trust," said Hysteria 51 podcast co-host David Flora.  


Southwest suburbanite, Brent Hand, is David’s partner in the unknown. Each week, David and Brent, record another episode of Hysteria 51. There are more than 300 episodes to date. With millions of listeners, Hysteria 51 ranks the 64th most popular podcast in the world on iTunes. Some of the mysteries they’ve uncovered, have literally landed in Chicago.  

"We’re the one and only home to Mothman right now," said Hand. "People think it’s a harbinger of doom. They don't know what it is.  But something kept up with a car that was going 60, 70 miles per hour…"

"They described it as humanoid, with giant wings and glowing red eyes," added Flora.  

To date, Mothman has been sighted at O’Hare Airport, in the Gold Coast, Tinley Park and downtown-- but never on camera.

With so many stones unturned, one would think there are none left. But we’d be wrong.  

"You really get to look at psychology, anthropology, all kinds of different disciplines…see how a person's mind might work and try to understand that. I find that as fascinating as the creatures themselves," said Flora.  

You can listen to Hysteria 51 anywhere you get your podcasts.