Illinois House Executive Committee passes assault weapons ban

The Illinois House committee passed an assault weapons ban bill Thursday after hundreds of gun violence survivors, loved ones of victims, politicians and anti-violence activists gathered at the Illinois capitol calling for change. 

The proposal was approved by the House Executive Committee on a strict party-line vote, 9-5.  

All Democrats voted for the ban, while all Republicans voted against it.

The bill could go to the full Illinois House as early as Thursday night.

If it passes there, it could be called Friday morning in the Illinois State Senate — where proposed gun laws have had a tougher time winning passage in recent years.


The bill was introduced by Rep. Bob Morgan, who was at the July 4th Highland Park parade last year.

The legislation consists of four parts. It calls for the banning of assault weapons across the state, along with large-capacity magazines, and rapid-fire devices.

It would also crack down on gun trafficking and raise the legal age to buy a gun to 21.

"My message to every elected official in this room is this. You must vote ‘yes’ on the full Protect Illinois Communities Act. Vote like your lives depend on it. You must vote ‘yes’ because our lives do depend on it," said activist Rachel Jacoby.

Lawmakers say the goal is to pass the bill before the current General Assembly ends next week.

In order for it to pass, a majority vote of 60 in the House and 30 in the Senate is needed.