Illinois launches program to prevent 'Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome'

Illinois launched a program Tuesday to prevent "Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome."

Two to three Illinois babies die a week from the condition. It is typically caused by unsafe sleep habits. 

The new program, through the Illinois Department of Public Health, will provide more outreach and education among parents, social service agencies and the medical community to prevent this.


"One easy way parents can help think about safe sleep for their child is the ABCs. A stands for Alone. They can always have their child sleep alone. B stands for Back. They can always have their child sleeping on their back. C is for crib. They can always put theior baby to sleep in a crib. And S is for smoke-free. They can make sure their baby is sleeping in a smoke-free environment," said Kirstin Chernawsky, Early Childhood Division Director of the Illinois Department of Human Services.

The program will also address the root cause of why Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome is higher among Black infants than any other racial group.