Illinois lawmaker says number of fentanyl overdoses could be stopped with standing order for NARCAN

A 10-month-old accidentally ingested fentanyl at a San Francisco Park and barely survived this week.

This comes as fentanyl cases here in Illinois are skyrocketing.


State Rep. Lashawn Ford joined the Illinois Harm Reduction and Recovery Coalition in Springfield Thursday. 

Ford says an alarming number of Illinoisans are dying from fentanyl overdoses and that number can be stopped with help already in place.

"The state of Illinois is one state that has, what you call, a standing order for NARCAN," said Rep. Ford. "It is so important that everyone knows that NARCAN is available at a pharmacy. All you have to do is come to the pharmacist and ask for it with your insurance card or pay for it. The fact is you don’t need a prescription anymore."

Ford is pushing for more policies that will improve resources for those who struggle with drug abuse rather than penalizing those who need help.