Illinois officially begins Phase 4 of reopening plan

Illinois entered "Phase 4" of reopening on Friday, which means the return of indoor dining, access to gyms, movie theaters and zoos, and gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed.

“So far so good. The phone's ringing off the hook. We got a lot of people inquiring. They're not quite sure what's going on. It's been closed for such a long time,” said Bernie Lecocq, owner of River North Gym.

Zoos have opened back up, along with all other outdoor recreation.

“It's so exciting to have everyone back on grounds and be able to see people walking around,” said Dr. Megan Ross, Director at Lincoln Park Zoo.

And another sign of normalcy: indoor dining. Restaurants are now allowed to serve inside at 25-percent capacity.

“It's exciting to be back. I'm a bartender as well as a's a social job, so it was nice to have a few people in,” said Niamh Browne of The Galway Arms.