Illinois Supreme Court races could impact big issues --- including abortion

The Illinois Supreme Court races may impact some big issues in the state, including access to abortion.

Doctors rallied Monday in support of abortion rights.

Seats from Collar County 2nd and 3rd judicial districts are up for grabs.


Mark Curran and Michael Burke have support from Illinois Right to Life and other groups opposed to abortion rights and contraception.

These groups want no exceptions for abortions for women — even if they are victims of rape or incest. 

"I feel incredibly fortunate to currently live and work in Illinois, a state that is supportive of access to full spectrum reproductive health care, including abortion and contraception," one doctor said. "This care is rightfully viewed as essential health care in our state. I'm here to speak to you today because I'm incredibly concerned about my ability to continue to provide this care in Illinois, given what's at stake in this upcoming election in November."

The doctors are supporting candidates who believe women should be able to make their own health care decisions.