Illinois public universities seek additional funding despite proposed 7% increase

While Illinois' public universities are celebrating the governor's proposal to increase state funding by seven percent, there is a push for additional funds.

State Representative La Shawn Ford is the Chairman of the Illinois House Appropriations Higher Education Committee. He says the panel has been meeting with public universities about individual needs for each campus.

While some can continue to provide sufficient education with the proposed seven percent state funding hike, others are facing more unique financial challenges. Ford says this includes building capital projects and social issues facing surrounding communities.


State Representative Carol Ammons' district includes the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She says campuses that serve predominantly underrepresented populations tend to have higher costs.

"These universities need more funding so they can build a capacity required to implement the academic social, emotional and other supports necessary to enhance the college completion rate for predominantly Black/LatinX and other historically underrepresented students that they serve," said Ammons.

Governor JB Pritzker has acknowledged that state funding for public universities has decreased over the years and has vowed to address historical disinvestments.