In-N-Out customers threatened with hatchet after woman cuts them in drive-thru line

Nobody likes waiting in line, but that doesn’t make it OK to threaten people.

Customers at an In-N-Out say that a woman cut them in line in the drive-thru at one of the franchise’s locations in Utah.

After trying to get the woman’s attention, they say that a man pulled up in another and threatened them with a hatchet.

The incident occurred at an In-N-Out in West Valley City, Fox 13 Now reports.

According to reports, a woman driving a silver BMW cut in front of two men who were already waiting in the drive-thru line. The woman reportedly did not respond to the men when they flashed their lights and honked their horn.

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Several minutes later, however, another car pulled up and a man got out. He allegedly used a hatchet to smash the window of the car the two men were in. The suspect reportedly followed this up by showing the two men his bloody hand and telling them that their blood would be next.

Police officers were reportedly able to obtain the vehicle’s license plate number from a witness and tracked down the driver, who was identified as 37-year-old Damien Lee Hallett. Authorities say they found a bloody hatchet in the man’s vehicle.


Hallett told authorities that his girlfriend was the woman in front of the men at the In-N-Out and that she had called him complaining that she was being harassed. He denied, however, driving to the scene, claiming instead that he had given the keys to his vehicle to a friend who was the one who showed up at the restaurant. Fox 13 reports that Hallett was unable to provide specific details about this friend, however.

Authorities reportedly charged Hallett with two counts of aggravated assault and criminal mischief.

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