New court docs reveal series of disturbing messages sent by Indiana man to Taylor Swift

New court documents released Thursday revealed a series of disturbing messages sent by an Indiana man to Taylor Swift and her management team over the last few months.

Mitchell T. Taebel, 36, of Long Beach, Indiana, has been charged with threatening and stalking Taylor Swift.

Prosecutors allege that beginning on March 25, Taebel not only harassed Swift but also people within her management team, 13 Management LLC.

He allegedly sent messages through social media threatening to "destroy" them and sent images of weapons. 


The following is a timeline of Tabel's alleged actions:

  • On March 29, Taebel allegedly posted a voice message to his Instagram account, which he also sent to Taylor Swift's official Instagram account, saying that he would happily wear a bomb if he could not be with his soulmate, court documents said.
  • On March 30, Taebel allegedly left a message for Swift's father saying that he is soulmates with Swift and that he is the only one that can make her secure, and that he "hopes to join them tonight."
  • On April 5, Taebel sent a direct message to Swift's "dancer" through fake Instagram accounts made by Taebel, "Bandits4" and "joealwinrapitstZ."
  • Through "joealwinrapitstZ", Taebel posted a picture of someone firing a handgun at a gun range. He also allegedly stated, "If today there is the sexual performance of Vigilant s--t, you can be sure that we will destroy you and all the other dancers and [Taylor Swift] too, think you know what happened to Joe Alwyn, who has already been in jail for [months] awaiting the death penalty, so be careful that you are not the next one whoever is writing here works for the government."
  • He allegedly posted another one on March 25, saying, "Y'all get ready you thugs because we're going to cancel this damn tour and still destroy you, who's writing here is member [of the] government." The same picture of the handgun from the April 5 incident was shown being fired at the gun range in this post as well, court documents say.
  • Also on March 25, through "bandits4", Taebel allegedly wrote, "Prepare yourself your bandit" with a picture of someone holding an AR-l rifle. He also said, "Y' all get ready you thugs because we're going to cancel this damn tour and still destroy you, who's writing here is member [of the] government." The same picture of the person holding the AR-l rifle and another picture of a handgun being fired at the gun range were also included in the post, according to court documents. Taebel allegedly used the social media accounts to call for the severe punishment of Swift.  Taebel also allegedly posted pictures of himself on these accounts.
  • On April 5, Taebel allegedly contacted several governor offices in several states and informed them of his intention on making his presidential campaign part of the Eras Tour. He also reached out to media outlets about his proposal to Swift and how the two were soulmates and were going to meet, court documents revealed. Taebel also called and left messages for Swift at 13 Management LLC, saying that she should appreciate him more. He continued to say that he needed to meet Swift and that he would wear a bomb on his chest to meet with her, and that not meeting her was worse than death, court documents said.
  • On April 21, Taebel posted multiple videos of voicemails to Swift's Instagram about being together. One voicemail allegedly left by Taebel said that he would "beat up every guy in Hollywood for them not letting her video call him," the documents said. Another voicemail allegedly stated that he would have to shoot anyone who tried to rape Swift and then "shoot ourselves if we had to." Another one also spoke about being raped by aliens and bugs.
  • On April 28, Taebel allegedly played a threatening voice message that he sent to Swift, and on April 29, he allegedly posted a picture of Swift on his Instagram page with the statement: "She deserves to be shot right between the legs to learn self-respect" with several hashtags.
  • On May 5, Taebel traveled from his home in Long Beach and made an appearance at Adelicia (luxury condominiums) in Nashville, Tennessee. Taebel allegedly snuck through an unsecured door but was stopped at the inner lobby by secondary security. Taebel stated that he was a "great-looking, well-dressed, popular TV host," court documents said. He then allegedly asked the security staff if Swift was in her top-floor penthouse, and if she was, to let her know he was in the lobby. Security then informed Taebel that he needed to depart from the property and called Nashville police for assistance. Before police arrived, Taebel left the property and went to the Nissan Stadium in Nashville, where Swift would be performing. Before he arrived at the venue, Taebel had been placed on a security threat/concern list so he was unable to purchase concert tickets. On the day of the concert, no matches were found related to Taebel, however, Taebel had a ticket that was transferred to him via a third-party channel. Once inside the venue, Taebel allegedly positioned himself in an area where multiple 13 Management parties would pass by him to get onto the stage. Taebel was recognized by security, questioned and then escorted off the premises. After returning home to Long Beach from Nashville, Taebel posted an Instagram video stating: "I went to [Taylor Swift's] apartment complex and anybody in my opinion anybody that that thinks it is illegal in any way to go to somebody's apartment meeting to see [if they] want to meet should be killed. They should die of heart attack on the spot. They don't deserve to live in my opinion. That goes for anybody in America. am TV host. They shouldn't have did that to TV host" "[Taylor Swift] had black woman as bell hop and she looked like Taylor Swift was definitely having sex with [omitted] Not just black people. Dirty flicking [omitted] We are talking like diseased fowl disgusting diseased [omitted] fiom New York City with HIV, all of which I'm sure is true." "She had no idea white man would come in there and demand to talk to [Taylor Swift] like did."
  • On May 11, legal counsel for 13 Management LLC and Firefly Entertainment petitioned for a temporary restraining order against Taebel, which was granted.
  • On May 13, Taebel was served the temporary restraining order at his address.
  • On May 16, Taebel allegedly posted a video of an audio clip that he had sent to Swift on his Instagram and Facebook accounts. In the video, Taebel allegedly asked Swift if she took a restraining order out against him. He also allegedly said that he is her best lover and husband and loves her more than anyone, court documents said.
  • On May 17, Taebel posted an audio recording on Instagram telling Swift that since she hasn't blocked him, she likes to get his messages and that he will continue to send her messages, court documents said. Also on May 17, Taebel posted an audio clip that he sent to Swift claiming that he would like to work with her and share creative ideas. Taebel added that he does not want to live without Swift and added several hashtags related to Swift and news outlets. Additionally, on May 17, Taebel posted an audio clip to Instagram and said that his dying wish is that anyone who had anything to do with them not meeting should be executed and that anyone who keeps him from marrying his soulmate should be burned alive.
  • On May 18, Taebel posted a video to his Facebook and Instagram accounts saying that Swift should never go back to NYC and that he hopes that someone would nuke the city. He stated that the city is infested with bugs, insects, homosexuality and mental illness. He also said that is the reason why Swift has never called him, and asked that she video call him as soon as she can. Additionally, on May 18, Taebel posted a video to his Instagram account telling Swift that she needs to fire all her managers and that he needs to be the oldest man in her organization. On the same day, he posted a video while driving stating once again that she needs to fire her management and that she is gaining popularity because they are listening to him.
  • On May 24, it was determined that Taebel violated the restraining order by continuing to post numerous videos and posts about Swift and tagging her in all his posts and videos.

Taebel entered a not-guilty plea to all charges Tuesday.  

He remains in the Laporte County Jail on a $15,000 cash bond.