Indiana woman allegedly trafficked over 61 pounds of cocaine into Midway International Airport

Chania Logan

An Indiana woman is accused of trafficking over 61 pounds of cocaine into Chicago's Midway International Airport earlier this month.

Chania R. Logan, 27, of Indianapolis, faces possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver and controlled substance trafficking. 

On June 4, several U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Chicago Field Division agents intercepted luggage belonging to Logan and another person with whom Logan traveled to Midway Airport from Los Angeles. 

When Logan and the second individual arrived at the airport baggage claim area, law enforcement searched Logan's luggage, which resulted in the seizure of about 31 pounds of suspected cocaine. 

At the same time, agents approached and attempted to speak with the second individual. However, after the agents identified themselves as law enforcement, the individual ran away and abandoned two checked bags. 

The four pieces of seized luggage contained a total of 61.7 pounds of cocaine. 

Logan has since been placed on electronic monitoring.