Inmate takes 2 months in jail rather than testify against Hobos

Neil Conway | Flickr

A man already serving a year in federal prison for dealing cocaine will serve an additional two months in jail for refusing to testify against Chicago’s so-called “super gang,” the Hobos.

Six alleged Hobo leaders are on trial for racketeering at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse, and prosecutors called Mack Mason to testify Monday about his encounters with Paris “Poleroski” Poe, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting. The alleged gang leaders have been tied to nine murders in all, and Poe was allegedly involved in the slayings of FBI informant Keith Daniels and Chicago police informant Wilbert Moore.

But rather than tell a jury what he knows, Mason told the judge, “I choose not to testify for the sake of me and my family.” So Poe and the other alleged Hobos watched Tuesday as U.S. District Judge John J. Tharp found Mason in criminal contempt and sentenced him to 60 days in jail.

Mason’s attorney, Steve Mondry, said Mason feared retaliation if he testified against the Hobos. Mondry added Tuesday that Mason “doesn’t feel there is a place he can go on this Earth without facing retribution.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Otlewski said Poe was with Mason at an auto shop where Mason worked when Poe learned of the arrest of alleged Hobo leader Gregory “Bowlegs” Chester. Otlewski said Mason saw Poe jump in a Camaro and speed off. A few days later, a masked shooter assassinated Daniels, who had worn a wire while buying drugs from Chester.