Israel Hamas War: Local Palestinians express solidarity amid overseas conflict

An anti-war protest occurred on Michigan Avenue Wednesday afternoon as local Palestinians react to the conflict overseas. 

On the corner of Michigan Avenue and Ida B. Wells, Palestinian marchers showed support for their homeland. 

It was a sea of flags, signs and emotions. Young and old screamed at the top of their lungs to get their voices heard.

"Anger, I’m not going to lie to you, anger. I am proud of my people," said Nidaa, a participant.

Nidaa joined the crowd, knowing she was representing her homeland. She and others are begging the federal and state governments to stop sending aid to Israel.

"Do you think that this march will make a difference?" asked FOX 32.

"I think it makes the news," said Nidaa, "It gets people’s voices out there for the people in Gaza who can’t speak for themselves. We’re just out here trying to be their voice."

Hazim Ghananime stood among Nidaa and the other participants, saying there has been bloodshed all his life. He says even the chants of thousands of voices won't help reach a resolution.

"I bet you a million people can march in Chicago, Washington D.C., L.A., and New York and nothing will change," said Ghananime.

He says both Palestinians and Israelis think they are correct and have different sides of the story.

"I hope someday my kids will live in peace. My grandkids will live in peace, the Israeli kids will live in peace, we all should live in peace," said Ghananime.