'Dune,' 'West Side Story' among Jake Hamilton's top 10 films of 2021

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton has released his list of his Top 10 Favorite Films of 2021.

10. Zola

It's the first movie ever based on a thread of tweets, it's the *somewhat true story of a woman who follows a new friend to Florida for a dancing opportunity but, over the course of the weekend, finds herself mixed up with prostitution, sex trafficking and eventually, murder. It's a wild, insane, and unforgettable story -- the kind of movie you have to see to believe.

9. Malcolm & Marie

Zendaya and John David Washington star as a couple who spend the night screaming, fighting and tearing each other apart -- as their insecurities with each other and themselves boil over to a breaking point. It's an incredible look at a couple pushed to the brink, when you lose all patience and question just how much you really love the person you're with. Washington and Zendaya absolutely dominate this movie with two of the best performances of the year.

8. Finch

Tom Hanks stars as man in the future who lives alone with his dog, but when he discovers that he's dying and his days are numbered, he builds a robot to make sure his dog is safe and taken care of when he passes away. No movie absolutely broke me, crushed me into a ugly puddle of tears this year quite like "Finch." It's a beautiful movie about life and death -- and the idea of wanting to protect your dog before you die is one that just broke my heart.

7. Spider-Man: No Way Home 

This is just a movie I can't believe exists. All of the cinematic Spider-Men -- Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire -- united for an epic superhero flick unlike anything we've ever seen. It's a greatest hits of our favorite Spider-Man moments, all brought together for a powerful and somber marvel flick unlike anything we've ever seen.


6. Belfast

Writer/director Kenneth Branagh brings us this autobiographical story of his childhood growing up in Belfast, Ireland at a time of great unrest. The film is a love letter about his mom and dad, a beautiful remembrance of his grandparents and an emotional tribute to the childhood moments -- both good and bad -- that mold who we will become as adults.

5. Pig

Nicolas Cage gives one of the best performances of his entire career as a man who goes on a desperate search after his prized truffle pig is stolen.

This might sound like 'john wick' with a swine, but it's not -- it's a heartbreaking study of loss, grief, isolation -- and its anchored by a performance that proves that nic cage is still one of the best actors of his generation.

4. The Last Duel

Ridley Scott delivers an absolutely awe-inspiring true story of the last legally sanctioned duel to the death in French history -- and the way in which the story in told, from three different perspectives of the three main characters -- make the story far more comparable to our modern day world than it has any right to be.

3. Coda

Coda stands for "child of deaf adult" -- this movie tells the story of a young woman is not deaf, but the rest of her family is. She dreams of going to college to be a professional singer, but her family needs her to stay and help them on their shrimp boat. It's a beautiful coming of age story featuring some truly remarkable performances and an ending that will leave you applauding and wiping tears away at the same time.

2. West Side Story

Steven Spielberg has been wanting to direct his version of the legendary musical since the 1980's...And it shows. He's clearly been thinking about this for a while, as his new updated version is a masterclass of direction, craft, and performances. It's not just better than any of us thought it could ever be, I'll take it one step further. It's even better than the original.

1. Dune

Director of Denis villeneuve has taken Frank Herbert's seminal sci-fi novel and created such an awe-inspiring world that this entirely immersive and mesmerizing cinematic experience just reminded me of why I love movies in the first place. The production design, Han Zimmer's heart throbbing score, the gorgeous cinematography filmed on real sets and around the deserts of Jordan, and a collection of incredible actors all using their characters to flesh out this insane world... Movies like "Dune" are we why we go see movies on the big screen. And considering it's part 1 of 2. It's a reason we'll continue to do so as well.