Jane Fonda stars in new animated movie on Apple TV+ 'Luck'

Parents tuning into the new animated film "Luck," streaming on AppleTV+ on Aug. 5, might recognize the voice of the animated dragon character in the movie – it belongs to two-time Oscar winning Hollywood legend, Jane Fonda.

Fonda lends her voice to film, a family adventure about a young girl who finds a lucky penny – transforming her life forever.

FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton had the chance to go one-on-one with the pop culture icon – and asked about the moment of success in her career that she most credits to luck.


"Maybe ‘Monster-In-Law,’" Fonda said, referring to her hit 2005 romantic comedy. "I had been out of the business for 16 or so years, I was almost 65 years old, I got this script out of the blue – and it was not great."

Fonda added "The producer of the movie was a friend and we decided to hire someone to rewrite my character and that was the mother-in-law in that movie – and it was a great, great role."

Fonda can be seen next in the animated film "Luck," streaming on AppleTV+ on Aug. 5.