Jason Van Dyke will speak at sentencing hearing as family pleads to judge for leniency

Jason Van Dyke's daughters and dozens of other people have written letters to Judge Vincent Gaughan, asking for leniency when Van Dyke is sentenced on Friday during his sentencing hearing.

“It’s impacted them socially,” Van Dyke said on Aug. 29, 2018. “It's impacted their friends. It's impacted their schoolwork, their life at school where they've been the target of this."

Before he went on trial, Van Dyke told FOX 32’s Dane Placko of the impact the Laquan McDonald case has had upon his two daughters. Now, in letters to Judge Gaughan, his daughters are putting it in their own words.

"I have been bullied, teased, picked on, threatened, you name it,” 17-year-old Kaylee Van Dyke wrote. “All because my dad did his job." 

“Kids come up to me and say that my dad is a murderer,” 12-year-old Kaitlyn wrote. 

Their letters are among dozens submitted to Judge Gaughan by defense attorneys, ahead of Friday’s sentencing. 

"He's had to disguise himself for four years everywhere we go, not only Jason, but all of us have been punished enough,” wrote Van Dyke's wife, Tiffany.

“I hope you find some compassion in this case,” Van Dyke’s father wrote.

Included with their letters are commendations Van Dyke received as a cop.   

During the trial, Van Dyke took the stand in his own defense, and his spokesperson told FOX 32 Tuesday, he will speak once again at his sentencing.     

Prosecutors expect one or possibly two relatives of Laquan McDonald to testify at the hearing, and that there are also two victims impact statements which could be read out loud. Prosecutors added by their calculation, Van Dyke should receive a sentence of at least 18 years. 

However, defense attorneys are asking for probation.