JetBlue flights now serve wine in a can

Travelers can purchase cans of Archer Roose wine on all JetBlue flights. (FOX 5 NY illustration from images courtesy of Archer Roose and JetBlue)

Wine lovers, prepare for takeoff and relaxation with a can of adult grape juice. Travelers can now order Archer Roose's Sauvignon Blanc, sourced from Chile, on all JetBlue flights.

It is the airline's first wine that comes in a can.

The craft beer trend is giving aluminum some newfound respect so why not canned wine, too?

Archer Roose, a Boston-based wine company, describes its "Sauvy B" as "a real porch pounder."

"With a bright nose, and a burst of citrus, this wine is great with oysters oceanside—or sipping discreetly on the train," the product description reads. (We'll see if "train" will be updated to "plane.")

JetBlue's in-flight price: $8 per can.

"Inspired by the boundary pushers, feather rufflers and unconventional explorers, we purposefully designed our wines to be as well-suited for fine dining as they are for unrefined adventuring," Archer Roose describes itself on its website. "Freeing you to enjoy our palate-pleasing wines on a mountain top, by the ocean or in your kitchen."

Add "window seat" to that one, guys.

The New York City-based airline's wine menu will include Archer Roose's Rosé from Provence in the late spring.


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