Judge rules lawsuit accusing Google of bias against conservatives can proceed

(Google / Alphabet Inc.)

A judge has ruled that a class-action lawsuit filed by two former Google employees claiming discrimination on the basis of gender, race and political bias can move forward, and an attorney representing the plaintiffs told "Fox & Friends" that Google has been making every effort to impede the case.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon represents ex-engineer James Damore and another plaintiff who claim that they were fired from Google because they are white and Asian men who support conservative politicians like President Trump.

Most recently, Google tried to argue that they could not gather the hiring information requested by the former employees' legal team because millions of people apply to the company and it would be an "impossible task," according to Dhillon.

However, a judge compelled the company on Friday to provide that information. The case has been in arbitration since last year, meaning an objective third party is assisting in mediation between Damore and Google, but the judge has allowed the research into the internal documents in the interest of discovery.

Dhillon said the case is also being filed on behalf of all Google job applicants who believe they were discriminated against throughout the process based on similar characteristics.

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