Kanye West puts fleet of vehicles up for auction

Kanye West cleaned out his garage.

The rap star, who has officially changed his name to Ye, has sold a fleet of six Ford trucks that he used at the Cody, Wy., ranch he purchased in 2019 and put up for sale last month with a $11 million asking price.

According to TMZ, the trucks were sold to a local Ford dealer who is now offering them to the public on the Musser Bros. auction site.


Kanye's 2019 F-150 Raptor features a CK Fab bumper and Method wheels. (Musser Bros.)

The collection includes two Ford F-150 Raptor high performance pickups, two Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks and two Ford Expedition SUVs.

All of the vehicles feature matte black wraps, that the dealer will remove for a $250 fee.

All of the trucks have matte black wraps. (Musser Bros.)

All of the pickups are all equipped with aftermarket CD Fab steep bumpers with push bars and custom wheels and the Super Duty trucks have diesel utility tanks installed in their beds.

Bidding on the trucks is open until November 23 and has already reached $54,000 for a 2019 Raptor with 34,000 miles on it.

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Two F-Series super duties. (Musser Bros.)