Lake County filing petitions to keep violent criminals locked up after SAFE-T Act goes into effect

At least one Illinois county looks to keep inmates locked up as they fight the SAFE-T Act.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s Office has been filing petitions to detain dozens of violent individuals charged with crimes such as homicide and domestic battery.

Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart says the move is in preparation for the SAFE-T Act which goes into effect January 1, 2023.

He says they are being proactive and filling out the necessary paperwork for each detainee to ensure they aren’t let out of jail next year.


Rinehart says they have filed petitions for 46 defendants facing murder, another 35 facing sex offense charges, and 51 more who are charged with domestic battery.

"Our prosecutors already know these individuals, and they are filing really what turns out to be a page-and-a-half petition that describes why they should continue to be detained. Yes, it is some work. But on the other hand, that is preferable to any one of those individuals being able to post bond at 2 a.m. tonight. Our jail is open 24 hours, 24/7 to accept cash money on behalf of any of those individuals. After January 1, that won't be the case anymore," Rinehart said.

The state's attorney made clear he is a fan of what the SAFE-T Act represents. But he also says that just this week, a person charged with multiple sex offenses bonded out after they posted $200,000, then cut off an ankle monitor and fled the area.