LAPD was ready to arrest Will Smith following Chris Rock slap, Oscars producer says

Oscars producer Will Packer is unfolding details of the events that occurred at the 2022 Oscars.

In a preview clip of an upcoming "Good Morning America" interview, the producer shared that the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was there and ready to arrest Will Smith if Chris Rock chose to press charges after the "King Richard" star slapped him.


"They were saying, you know, this is battery, was a word they used in that moment. They said we will go get him. We are prepared. We’re prepared to get him right now. You can press charges, we can arrest him," Packer explained.

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"They were laying out the options. And as they were talking, Chris was — he was being very dismissive of those options. He was like, ‘No, no, no, I’m fine.’ And even to the point where I said, ‘Rock, let them finish.’ The LAPD officers finished laying out what his options were, and they said, ‘Would you like us to take any action?’ And he said no. He said no."

Per the outlet, Packer said he didn't speak to Smith the night of the Oscars.

In another short clip shared by "Good Morning America," T.J. Holmes asks Packer: "Sounds like Chris Rock had the option to have the LAPD go arrest Will Smith," to which Packer replied, "That's absolute facts."

It was previously reported that Rock declined to press charges.

The Los Angeles Police Department as well as reps for Rock and Smith did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

On Thursday, a source told Fox News that the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is standing behind its statement that Smith was "asked to leave the ceremony and refused."

A source at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences told Fox News that the Academy also looks forward to the April 18 meeting when disciplinary actions may be taken. The source added that they believe the "King Richard" star did violate the Academy’s Standards of Conduct.

Reports swirled on Thursday claiming that the actor wasn't directly asked to leave and that it was instead "suggested."

Deadline reported that Academy President David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson spoke with Smith’s rep, running the idea by her that Smith should leave Sunday night’s ceremony, before he was awarded the Oscar for best actor.

The rep then reportedly approached Smith with that statement, to which he replied, "I want to make this right. I want to stay and apologize."

The Academy's statement also noted that Smith will receive a 15-day notice regarding "his violations and sanctions" as well as the "opportunity to be heard beforehand by means of a written response."

Smith took to Instagram on Monday night to publicly apologize to Rock, but has been silent since.

On Wednesday night, Rock was greeted with a three-minute-long standing ovation before his first comedy show, which was in Boston, and addressed the slap for the first time.

The comedian first addressed the crowd by joking, "How was your weekend?"

"I had a whole list of jokes. I had a whole show I wrote before this weekend, and I'm still kind of processing what happened," he added.

"At some point I'll talk about that s---, and it will be serious, and it will be funny," Rock said. 

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