Lead found in drinking water of some homes, buildings in Elgin

Residents are urged to take precautions after test findings show that some homes and buildings have lead in the drinking water, according to city officials. 

The city announced the findings on Friday and said it's likely coming from lead service lines from the city's municipal water pipes that go out to residential homes. 

Lead was not found in Elgin's source water or in Elgin's treated drinking water, city officials say. 

"The results from the drinking water monitoring are representative of the homes and buildings most at-risk for lead in water – those built or plumbed before 1988. Lead can enter the drinking water through the corrosion of plumbing materials," the city said in a statement. 

The city's water quality sampling takes place every six months and analyzes drinking water from 100 homes. 

Lead can cause health issues for those who consume it from drinking water. The city says pregnant women and children who are 6 years old or younger are most at risk. 

The city is going to hold two open houses and is offering free testing and water filters to residents whose homes were built in 1988 or earlier. 

Residents who are affected by the lead water are urged to do the following: 

  • Look for alternative drinking water sources
  • Run drinking water faucet to flush out lead 
  • Use cold water for cooking 
  • Do not boil water to remove lead 
  • Test your water for lead 
  • Get your child's blood tested 
  • Identify and replace plumbing fixtures containing lead 

Anyone who has questions or is looking for more information can call the city at 311 or visit its website here