Locals embrace outdoors despite onset of bitter cold

The bitter cold air outside in New Lenox Monday night is only the beginning.

"It feel pretty cold, but I know it's only going to get worse. Got my scarf, hat and gloves and everything," Emilie Harris said.

On a chilly 10-degree night, several groups of brave people came out to at least do one walk around the Christmas in the Commons display.

"It's very cold, my fingers feel like they're about to fall off, but we wanted to get out here," Ben Schneider said.

Others decided to stop by to take another look at the 36-foot-tall Santa, even if they forgot something important on a 10-degree night.

"I am missing my hat, mommy is a little cold, but they're warm enough and that's all that matters,” Heather McIntyre said.

They also wanted to watch some of the other brave souls skate in the frigid temps.

Some said the Christmas spirit warms them up when they see displays like this, but how long will it keep you warm?

"It all looks really pretty, so it was cool to come out and see," Harris said.