Lockport police sergeant giving lost dog from Georgia a ride back home

It was a major blow to the Carter Family three months ago when their American Bulldog went missing.

"I let him out in the backyard, came back, and he was gone. It’s been about three months," said Michael Carter, a resident of Ludowici, Georgia and a 30-year Army veteran.

Major, the American Bulldog, was given his name by his owners Michael and Trudy Carter. Both Michael and Trudy are U.S. military veterans.

Oddly enough, they were in Chicago for the first time during the Thanksgiving holiday visiting a family member who is in medical school. They were in the city the same time that Major was missing.

Somehow, the 87-pound American Bulldog made it to the big city 950 miles away from home.

Major was found by a good Samaritan in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago.


"Thanks to microchipped, we were able to locate his owner, Mr. Carter, now we are just trying to get him back to Georgia," said Jennifer Schlueter from Chicago Animal Care and Control.

It is still unknown who took Major and how he made it to Chicago, in really unfamiliar territory.

Major’s hometown has a population of 1,590 people, while Chicago is home to 2.75 million people.

"How did he get to Chicago, we don’t know, but I am glad they have him in Chicago, and they contacted us," said Michael Carter.

A Go Fund Me was started by a volunteer at the animal shelter because Major ran into some major issues trying to fly back home.

Some airlines would not consider putting him on a flight because of his breed and his size, and one way ground transportation is over $1,500.

After our story aired, a Lockport Police Sergeant called FOX 32.

He said he was heading to Georgia for a family member’s funeral, and decided he’d lift someone else’s spirits and drive Major to his family.

He does not want to be identified, but did say by phone he’s happy to help.