Loretto Hospital vaccination scandal deepens

Mayor Lori Lightfoot warns the vaccine scandal at the west side's Loretto Hospital could soon grow bigger.

Explaining why she wants to cut off deliveries of new COVID-19 vaccine to Loretto Hospital, the mayor said it is not just the "line jumping" special deals at Trump Tower and at a Gold Coast luxury watch shop.

"I fear that we're gonna hear more stories, which is why we pushed ‘pause’ on giving Loretto new first doses," Lightfoot said. "I don't expect them to be coming back online any time soon."


Block Club Chicago reported --- and a FOX 32 source confirmed -- that Chief Operating Officer Anosh Ahmed steered dozens of doses of vaccine intended for the west side hospital's low-income neighbors to Trump Tower, where he and another Loretto executive live, and to a Gold Coast luxury watch outlet where Ahmed frequently shops.

A source confirms the hospital also vaccinated a group of Cook County circuit court judges, some of whom may "not have been eligible." The source claims the judges "misled" hospital personnel.

State Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford is vice-chair of the hospital's board of directors.

"Our president of the board, George Miller, he states that he takes full ownership of the challenge that he's put Loretto Hospital in. He's very remorseful. And so is Mr. Ahmed," Lightford said.

Despite the current uproar, CEO George Miller has supporters who say he has helped the once virtually bankrupt Loretto Hospital achieve a sounder financial footing.