Love in the aisle: Arizona couple gets married at grocery store where they first met

People often talk of "match made in heaven," but in this particular case involving an Arizona couple, it's a match made in a grocery store.

For 78-year-old Dennis Delgado and 72-year-old Brenda Williams, their love story began in the condiment aisle at a Fry's store in Casa Grande on Aug. 3, 2021.

"I'm walking down the aisle, and someone comes up behind me, and says…" said Brenda, recounting what happened that fateful and looking to her now-husband to finish the story.

"You know the best thing about wearing a mask?" Dennis said, finishing the story of their first encounter.

"We stood there, and we found out we had kind of had a similar situation," said Brenda.

Dennis, as it turns out, was getting olive oil mayonnaise, and Brenda was grabbing Miracle Whip from the shelf, and that was the start of a miraculous love story.

"We visited, exchanged phone numbers, and then about a week and a half later, we started," said Dennis. "I said, ‘what are you doing this Sunday?’"

Then, something big happened for the couple in April 2022.

"He came to my house, and he said I'm going to go get you an engagement ring,' and I said ‘yes, sure,'" Brenda recounted. "So he left, and a couple hours later, I called him and asked ‘have you been drinking?’"

At Brenda's request, Dennis proposed in that same aisle where they met.

"I said we met there. He wants to propose to me, and I want him to do it in the condiment aisle where we met," said Brenda.

At this point, Fry's was on board and said they can get married there as well. On Nov. 19, Brenda walked down that same aisle, and this time, she and Dennis got married.

For both Brenda and Dennis, it's a unique love story that's given them each purpose, after both experienced losses.

"I’m old, he’s old," said Brenda. "There’s not that many more years left for either of us. That’s genetically true, and I said, 'well, we don’t have that many more years. Let’s just do something dumb and stupid. Go out with a bang."

For two people who started out looking for condiments and nothing else in a grocery store aisle, they found love instead.

"I wanted people to see that there is hope. Especially us older folks, especially in the condiment aisle for us," said Brenda.

About a week after the wedding, Miracle Whip got word of the couple's story and offered to treat them to a honeymoon. It's unknown if they will accept the offer.