Lowry Park Zoo baby animals celebrate first Christmas

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Baby animals at the Lowry Park Zoo enjoyed their first Christmas gifts over the holiday weekend.

To celebrate the Zoo Babies First Christmas, the Animal Care Team at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo provided special enrichments themed for the holiday on Friday morning.  Enrichments like this encourage animals to perform natural behaviors and exercise. Enrichment helps satisfy both the physical and psychological needs of animals. 

Malayan tiger Berisi was born September 11. She and her mother, Bzui were treated to some presents wrapped under a tree. Berisi was timid at first, but after Bzui dug in, Berisi followed suit. 

Malayan tapir Tengahari had no problems digging right in to the lettuce covered tree and colorfully painted items in its habitat. Tengahari was born September 10. 

And southern white rhino Kipenzi, which means "loved one" in Swahili, and was clearly pleased to see the tree with presents and a holiday house filled with fresh hay. Kipenzi was born September 12.