'They Call Me Magic': NBA legend reflects on moment of chance that defined his career in new documentary

One of the biggest moments in sports history – the moment that kept Magic Johnson from joining the Chicago Bulls – was determined by a coin flip.

In the new 4-part documentary "They Call Me Magic," the legendary coin flip which determined which team would draft first – the Bulls or the Lakers – is shown as a massive fork in the road for not just Johnson’s life and career, but the history of sports.

Johnson sat down to talk with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton about how different his life – and sports history – would be today if that coin had landed ‘heads’ instead of ‘tails.’


"I would have been in Chicago, close to home," Johnson said. "It would have been different because Chicago was building toward a winner and I went to LA – they already had a winner with Kareem sitting there."

The 5-time NBA champ added, "the question would have been would we still had had Michael. We probably would have been better and not have been in a position to draft Michael Jordan."

"They Call Me Magic" starts streaming on AppleTV+ on Apr. 22.