Man goes viral after video shows him singing at Disney resort

A video of a man singing at one of Walt Disney World's resorts is going viral.

The video shows Justin Gigliello singing 'Ave Marie' at the Grand Floridian. His daughter, Lyla, asked the man playing the piano if her dad could sing along while he played.

The original post of the video on Facebook has over 8,000 interactions and 5,900 shares. It has since been shared onto several different news outlets. 

Justin Gigliello is actually a singer, as he commented on the post sharing one of his older videos.

Other comments made on the original video praised Justin. For example, one comment left said "Absolutely mesmerizing. Wonderful and beautiful."

Another comment read "Dude. It really is a magical place. That was boss."

Many other comments, while praising Justin, could not get enough of his daughter's reaction to her father's singing. One comment read "I knew it would be amazing, so I waited until I plugged me phone into my car so I could hear it on the speakers! Sounded incredible. Love how Lyla is watching you."

Another comment read "She is SO proud!!!"

Watch the full video on Facebook below.

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