Man honored for helping officer subdue suspect accused of trying to abduct kids

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HAMMOND, Ind. (AP) - A man is being honored for helping to subdue a motorist who was grappling with a police officer during a northwestern Indiana traffic stop.

Police in Hammond released a screen grab from police dashcam video showing the June 1 struggle. Police say Officer Daniel Sangkaratana stopped the SUV following reports a man had attempted to abduct girls, but the motorist got out and then started to reach under the SUV's driver's seat.

Police say Sangkaratana grabbed him and they struggled for the officer's gun. Forty-eight-year-old Patrick Baum of Hammond was driving by, saw the officer in danger and helped Sangkaratana subdue the man until other officers arrived. Baum says he "just ran in there and did what anyone should do."

Baum was honored this week with an award for bravery.