Man paralyzed after hitting head in police van, 5 officers put on leave

At least five Connecticut police officers are on leave after a prisoner was left paralyzed while in police custody.

A warning: The video may be difficult to watch.

Earlier this month, New Haven officers were transporting 39-year-old Richard Cox in the back of a police van.


During the ride, Cox slammed head-first into a wall after an officer hit the brakes hard to avoid an accident. Cox did not receive any medical treatment after being hurt.

Connecticut state police are now investigating the incident.

"We definitely have work to do. The officers in that situation may have thought he was intoxicated or fainted — it doesn't matter, you know? Why they didn't, you know — I'm not going to argue to. That's part for the investigation. But it was wrong, and we need to change everything that led up to it," said New Haven Assistant Police Chief Karl Jacobson.

Cox's family has hired high-profile civil rights attorney Ben Crump to represent him.

Crump's legal team says they will be filing a lawsuit against the city within the next 60 days.