Man shot while canvassing for candidate in Englewood

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CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - A man who was out canvassing for a Chicago aldermanic candidate was shot and wounded Sunday.

Maxwell Little, 22, was at 66th and South Marshfield in the Englewood neighborhood recording a video for Facebook when he was shot in the leg. Little was hospitalized in stable condition.

Police said a masked gunman had come out of a gangway and fired the shots. No one was in custody.

Little posted a Facebook message from his hospital bed saying, "This was no random shooting. Someone wanted me dead."

Community activist Jedidiah Brown has just parked his car to help campaign with 15th ward candidate Joseph Williams. There were about a dozen people around including Williams’ two young children.

"I heard four to five gunshots, then I heard his children, and he was limping," Brown said.

Little had been campaigning for candidate Joseph Williams in the 15th ward. On Sunday afternoon, Williams talked to Fox 32 News.

"Today was devastating. You want to be alderman in this ward and it's a tough job because of situations like this," Williams said. "This is one of the main reasons why I am running, because we have to bring some type of change to the 15th ward."

Little texted us from his hospital bed that he appreciated the concern but could not do an interview at this time. He will survive the injuries.

We reached out to current 15th ward Alderman Raymond Lopez, who said in a statement, "Campaign or not, it is completely unacceptable that someone would feel compelled to shoot at someone they did not recognize from the community. I have asked our local police leadership to keep me in the loop as they would any other shooting. Bringing the perpetrator to justice is paramount."