Michigan City beaches to close down for 7 days due to overcrowding

All Michigan City beaches will shut down for seven days starting Friday due to overcrowding issues amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Some Michigan City residesnts say they understand this decision, however, they do feel cheated by it.

Many residents believe out-of-towners are responsible for the overcrowding.  

“It’s all these other people coming here and exposing this COVID that's causing and hurting us,” said MIchigan City resident Jane Avila. 

“I understand it scientifically, but I can't come to my own beach and I live in this town,” said Deanna Gonzalez, another Michigan City resident.

Too many people, too little space. Because of high water levels, the beach is a sliver of its former self.

“We can't social distance with all the erosion here on the lake,” said Gonzalez.

The Mayor’s decision to close for the next seven days comes on the heels of a mandate issued by the LaPorte County Health Department, which requires masks and social distancing in public. 

“Since we just got here today, I guess we're going to have to find other things to do,” said Adam Boone, who is visiting from Ohio.

Some beach-goers wish a compromise could’ve been reached, instead of a flat-out closure.

“Put face masks on, stay six feet apart, we'll be alright,” said Jabbor Ahmed of Michigan City.

As of now, this closure is in effect from Midnight and will last for seven days.

The Mayor's office says next week, the City Council will assess whether to further extend the closure.