Milwaukee mayor facing controversy after Netflix releases 'Dahmer' series

The mayor of Milwaukee is facing true crime controversy this week, as there is a new-found fascination with the story of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Though some are giving it rave reviews, victims' families are upset with a new series on Netflix called ‘Dahmer’ because they didn't know anything about the series, and are calling it re-traumatizing.

Since the 10 episodes started streaming more than a week ago, it has held the number one spot.

It is packed with drama covering the real life of Jeffrey Dahmer — a serial killer who cut up his victims and admitted to eating them. 


Dahmer was convicted of murdering 17 teen boys and young men, and was able to evade capture for more than 13 years in Milwaukee — where he targeted mostly Black gay males.

The apartment building Dahmer lived in was demolished in 1992, but neighbors say there has been an increase in foot traffic around the empty lot.

The show points out there is no memorial for the victims. 

Calls are now growing for one.

"It is entirely appropriate to remember the victims of this horrific episode in Milwaukee's history," said Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson. "I am cautious, however, about a physical memorial — That would have an unfortunate potential to attract people who have a morbid fascination with the killer."

Dahmer was arrested four times before he was ever convicted.

He was beaten to death in prison in 1994, two years after he was sentenced.