White Sox fans flock to Iowa for 'Field of Dreams' game, celebrate walk-off home run

For the first time ever, Major League Baseball and its fans headed to the cornfields of Iowa for one of the biggest events of the year.

The White Sox defeated the Yankees in the ‘Field of Dreams’ game Thursday night.

The picturesque little town of Dyersville has only 4000 people, but is the center of the baseball universe this week. 

The White Sox and the Yankees were both represented at the Dyersville Family Restaurant on Main Street.

Many fans grabbed a meal before heading to the ball park.


A lot of people came to Dyersville, who did not have tickets for the game, but planned to watch it on a giant screen in the town square.

Ken Graves is a diehard Sox fan from Garfield Ridge and wore his 1917 Sox Jersey. He and his daughter arrived Wednesday.

"We watched the movie in the park yesterday. It was awesome. We're going to watch the game in the park today. We're just kicking in Dyersville. If you were a baseball fan, a Sox fan, it's a really great place to be," said Graves.

"We've been talking about this a couple years. This is every baseball fans dream to come here," said Eddie Deppen from Chicago.

One woman said she is a Cubs fan, but had to come to Iowa to see Kevin Costner.