Mom of 1-year-old Chicago boy gunned down: 'Enough is enough'

A parent in pain is asking for everyone, from police to people at home, to help quell Chicago’s gun violence. The plea was issued at a vigil for the youngest recent victim -- a one-year-old boy.

The raw and powerful event took place Wednesday on Chicago’s South Side, which hit close to home for one anti-violence group.

“All I can say is enough is enough. There's too many mothers and fathers crying,” one speaker said.

Enough is enough has become the rallying cry in Englewood, as another family grieves.

“A beautiful baby. He lit up a room. Everybody loved him. Everybody,” said Yasmin Miller.

Miller says she was driving to the laundromat Saturday, with her son in his car seat, when suddenly her car was riddled with bullet holes and her son Sincere Gaston became a victim of gun violence, at just 20-months-old.

“And for some coward to pull up on the side of my car and just to shoot - not one time, not two, but multiple times. It's unfair,” Miller said.

Sincere A. Gaston (Legal Help Firm)

The group gathered next to the intersection where the baby was killed. Police have said the child's father may have been the intended target, which is a claim he adamantly denies.

“I don't live no life of crime. I been done with that, been done with that,” said Thomas Gaston.

Gaston says he has worked the past two years to change his life with Chicago Cred -- the anti-gun violence group that organized Wednesday’s vigil.

“They helped me become a father, taught me how to be a father,” Gaston said.

The co-founder of Chicago Cred, Arne Duncan, believes a perfect storm of COVID and financial desperation has led to this moment of increased violence.

“All of us have to hold ourselves accountable for our brokenness and step up, and do better together,” Duncan said.

“We need y’all help. We got to do better. I don't want another mother to feel my pain,” Miller said. “I can't sleep, eat, I can't do nothing without that boy, nothing. It is killing me.”

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