Moms of murdered teens put pressure on officials to charge person of interest

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The mothers of two murder victims are angry after a person of interest was questioned then released by police Thursday, despite what the mom's call overwhelming evidence that they had their sons’ killer.

"Truly disappointed. Angry. Livid,” said Rayniecia Morris.

That was Rayniecia’s reaction after learning that the person who she believes killed her 16-year-old son -- Raysuan Turner -- was released by police.

"They have the guy in custody that killed him,” said Janine Camphor.

Janine feels the same way. Her son, 17-year-old Darnelle Flowers, was also murdered the same night on August 17th. The boys’ bodies were found two days later in a park in the Golden Gate neighborhood after the moms received cryptic anonymous text messages and phone calls telling them where they were.

Police questioned a 17 year-old whom Janine and Rayniecia say was caught with one of the boys' cell phones and eyewitnesses placed him with the boys the night of the murder.

But reps for state's attorney Kim Foxx's office say they don't have enough evidence to press charges, at least not for now. So police released the juvenile. They could only hold him for 24 hours because he's a minor.

FOX 32 reached out to the state's attorney's office who told us they haven't ruled out charges and that the investigation is ongoing. Rayniecia said police told her the state's attorney needed six more months to bolster their case.